Discuss your project at the location


What problems does your home have at the moment that you are trying to change? How many of the problems are conflicting and which is the most important? Which ones will you need to compromise on and which ones will you have to give up on trying to solve for budget or time scale? Which are not achievable?


What are the results you are after? What is the most important result that you can't compromise on because doing so would mean the outcome is less valuable to you? How do the spaces enhance the outcome of your results or do they detract and again make the result feel unacceptable compared to the cost? Will the result increase the value of the property or will it depreciate it?


What are the obstacles that you must overcome to get the work done? What hurdles and difficulties will need to be resolved to achieve the results you want? What will others need to know or decide on to give consent or approval?


Are their any features, materials, elements or specifics that you must achieve for the project to be successful? Are their spacial arrangements or relationships that are a must have?


Cost: £150.00


What do I get?


  • We discuss the key drivers of the project; the problems to resolve, your desired result, the significant obstacles, how it will look
  • Findings and Recommendations
  • Advice on next steps


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We will then arrange to meet you at your home and discuss the project and your desired result.

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