PD Flat


Apartment Athens. 2007. Built


The Client had bought a new apartment prior to fitting out.


His brief was for a modern 2 bedroom apartment with in-built flexibility for later remodelling to later accommodate children.


The penthouse apartment exists on the upper 2 floors of the building.


The modern open fluid layout of the flat means that the lounge, dining and kitchen areas flow into each other. These spaces are separated by material changes and differences in floor or ceiling height.


The kitchen floor for example is higher and made of concrete, the ceiling is also lower making the kitchen more intimate.


The lounge is double height with a void above it making visible the half-barrelled vault roof, which is a feature of the building.


A balcony level office floats above the entrance. The two floors are connected by a metal staircase. There are 2 bathrooms and a walk-in closet.

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