PR Flat


Apartment Athens. 2008. Built


The Clients approached us to make some alterations to their apartment.


The  brief was to adapt the existing spaces and create a modern feel to the 3 bedroom apartment.


The scheme is a series of interventions and material changes, which give the flat a new character. The apartment is open plan with all the private spaces concealed behind an existing fireplace wall.


The wall is clad in new timber panelling. The existing sliding door was replaced. Now because it is treated in the same timber the new door has the appearance of the wall and when shut disappears, to exaggerate the private and public functions of the flat.


The wall also contains secret cupboards which open with push catches. Some features of the existing apartment were kept including the marble fireplace surround. The ceiling was modified  to conceal  lighting and cabling.


In the kitchen we created a combined central dinner and island worktop to compliment the cabinets design, which the clients had already selected. The en-suite bathroom was gutted and all the cupboards within the  apartment given a fresh look.


The guest toilet was incorporated into a  new timber clad wall containing wine rack and storage. Note the door and  frame is also of timber, making them appear invisible when shut to  match the treatment of the fireplace.

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