Do you want to Build on Time and Budget?


Getting your project started correctly can mean the difference between success and failure.


We have developed an addition to our process, a Needs & Options Review Workshop, to help support our clients with Residential projects. We noticed people starting design and construction BEFORE they had fully done their research and homework. BEFORE they had critiqued their ideas.


These days many people start their project armed with millions of design ideas - informed by magazines and Life-style TV programs, their huge list of things they want, with often conflicting demands, needs managing. They often don't know which need is more important, how it effects the project budget and time. We think this applies across the entire construction industry - it also happens in commercial projects too... People are trying to run before they can walk.


"A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis... our initial Needs and Options Review workshop functions in the same way."


The consequence of inadequate, practical and sensible, upfront research of your projects Needs and Options is like... building a house on bad foundations. Inadequate research inevitably leads to rising projects costs, delays and stress.


The foundations are the most important part of any house, because everything is built on top of them, without them it wont stand up. It’s very expensive to change the foundations once you have started to build upwards. But it’s very easy to change them if they are simply lines on a plan.



The image above shows the Life Cycle of a project against Cost of Change. The blue line shows the opportunity for change in the stages the project passes through in its evolution. The red line shows the cost of change to your project over time.

The Needs & Options Review Workshop works in the same way. It will allow you to start an exploration designed to precisely understand your requirements and potential roadblocks, then gives:

• Findings and Recommendations;

• A Plan to move forward;

• A Timeline and Rough Order of Cost.


So... we spend a little more time on the research than most other practices who rush their clients into the design phase.


There are three important steps in a building process:


1. Needs and Options Review Workshop– which is the first step

2. Design phase (including the Construction Document)

3. Contraction Phase (Building and Contract Management)



Below we have outlined the first step - what the Needs and Options Review Workshop is.

Why... ?


  • Obtain a chartered architect’s opinion on the feasibility of the project – one who is experienced in the type of project you’re facing
  • Produce an outline brief that provides the “DNA” for future work - detailing rooms, connections, orientation etc...
  • Discuss potential solutions at a high - level that encourages on-going testing of ideas – “Creative Design Thinking”
  • Discuss the ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme
  • Discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • Discuss possible layout options
  • Provide preliminary rough cost estimate of construction for budget usage
  • Provide a preliminary programme or timeline
  • Production of report including the above
  • Report includes schedule of services and fee proposal on next stages of project


Cost: £500.00


What do I get?


Meeting I: Initial Needs & Wants Discussion – An outline brief for your project

  • Meet on-site & discuss the project
  • Review current function & design
  • Clarify issues; discuss options and current thinking
  • Clarify project aims & vision; themes & drivers
  • You provide: existing site & background information (plans, etc)


Meeting II: Optional Sketches – Options and analysis

  • Explore potential spatial relationships, connections & future - proofing options
  • Prepare freehand concept options
  • Provide preliminary straight - line programme
  • Prepare and present report


Use our contact form on this page to email us your details and we will email or call you back.


We will then arrange to meet you at your home and discuss the project and your desired result for approximately 3 - 4 hours. We will discuss with you how to best start your project. We will take a few dimensions and photographs, to then prepare suggestions included in our report.


You proposals will then be presented to you in the second meeting to discuss the outcomes and possible next actions.

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